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Is there a fee for students to attend The Landing?

The Landing is FREE.  There is an optional Student Journal for a suggested donation of $10, which is designed to follow the lessons and allow students a place to record their thoughts as they go through each lesson with their small group.  


Is there a way for parents to help with The Landing outside of the weekly meeting?

Glad you asked!  We welcome material or financial contributions for activities done during The Landing.  For a list of the needs, you can contact us at


Will there be special events for students to attend outside The Landing?

Yes!  The Landing is in connection with Takeover, New Hope Church’s student ministry.  Students from The Landing will be regularly encouraged to attend Takeover’s services and special events. For more information about Takeover, please click here.

Does The Landing offer counseling?

We recognize that there may be times when a student may have circumstances that go beyond than the help that The Landing can provide. The Landing is not designed to replace professional counseling.  It is a ministry led by laypersons who care about students.  They are not professionals.  If you would like information about professional counselors, please contact us at   Or perhaps, your student may benefit from more than The Landing, but is not necessarily in need of a professional counselor.  New Hope Church also offers Lay Counseling.  Lay counselors are not professionals, but have received training through the Lay Counseling Institute ( and are available to help in a non-clinical setting.   For more information about Lay Counseling, please click here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, we would love to talk with you.  We hope to see you soon!

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