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Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that it must be hard for you to truly wrap your head around what is going on with me. I have worked hard to hide how I really feel. Most of the time I am embarrassed, hurting, and confused about what I am feeling and thinking. The truth is, I need help. 

Every day is a struggle. 

I may seem fine on the outside. I may look like I have it all together. The thing is, I’m good at hiding my feelings. I’m good at looking like I am loving life.  I have had years of practice. It is much easier to pretend than to let others see how I truly feel. Distracting myself with school activities and friends helps me think less about myself, but honestly, I still feel bad inside. 

Worry, doubt, fear, sadness, self-hate…I am constantly feeling like a failure, like I’m not good enough. Asking myself, is it worth it? I’m tired.  Being me is a struggle.

I am constantly looking for ways to feel better. To feel in control. The problem is, sometimes the things I do to feel better cause more problems.  Leading me to feel even worse than I started. I have done some pretty bad things. Embarrassing things. Hurtful things. Dangerous things. Things I regret. Things I don’t want you to know.  I need help. 

You may be wanting to say, “But you have so much going for you.” You may be right, but the problem is, I can’t see that right now.

So, while you are saying, “You are worth it. You are a good person,” I am telling myself: 

“You can’t do this”

“You’re not good enough”

“Just give up already”

Some days are better than others, but the problem still remains.  I need help. 


Your Child.


We know you may be confused, overwhelmed, and wondering what you can do to help your teen. First, please pray for them. And second, bring your teen to The Landing at New Hope Church. The Landing is for teens in middle and high school. This is a place where they can talk to others about how they are really feeling without being judged. A place where they can learn ways to turn their negative thinking into positive actions. A place where they can find hope for a better tomorrow. 

The teenage years are full of exciting opportunities, challenging situations, fluctuating emotions, and stressful circumstances. Sometimes it can seem like there is a lot of expectation, and maybe a lot of disappointment. The Landing is a place teens can come and be genuine about the struggles they are facing, in a safe environment with other teens who are struggling, too.  

We’d love for your teen to come and join us on a Tuesday night. We believe it will be the start of a journey that includes engaging teaching, meaningful experiences, vibrant music, and great conversation that will help your teen develop true relationships, break cycles of dysfunction, face life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups, and provide your teen with a solid foundation on Jesus Christ. 

We hope to see your teen soon!



The Landing Team

a note from the team

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